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Data Backup & Recovery Plans Can Protect Your Organization from the Consequences of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is one of the most prevalent forms of malicious cyber-attacks facing businesses today. “The advent of new tools that wrap victims’ data with tough encryption technology, hard-to-trace digital currency like Bitcoin, and even online sites that offer to do the data ransoming in return for a piece of the action, have made this method of cybertheft much easier,” reported the NY Times. AAFCPAs advises clients to develop a Data... continue reading

Installing Patches Immediately Helps Protect Your Organization from Cyber Vulnerabilities

Cyber criminals often exploit known or not yet known vulnerabilities of the Operating System and/or other critical systems, such as a web server or a database, in order to penetrate your network/systems. In the recent WannaCry attack, hackers exploited the Microsoft Windows Server Message Block protocol and encrypted data demanding ransomware. There was a patch that Microsoft had provided but thousands of systems around the world had not yet installed... continue reading

Hurricane Harvey Creates Opportunities for Cyber Criminals

AAFCPAs would like to make clients aware of a recent alert issued by the US Department of Homeland Security warning citizens about the possible emergence of malicious cyber activity by those seeking to capitalize on interest from Hurricane Harvey. AAFCPAs reminds readers to follow some basic guidelines: Keep your antivirus, malware and other computer software up-to-date. Use caution opening emails, and pay close attention to the sender’s name and address.... continue reading

AAFCPAs Adds Consulting Expertise in Business Process, IT Systems, and Data Analytics

AAFCPAs Adds Consulting Expertise in Business Process, IT Systems, and Data Analytics

AAFCPAs expands its Business Process & IT Advisory Practice with the addition of two deeply experienced Managers: Jennifer LeVine, CPA  and Vassilis Kontoglis. Jennifer and Vassilis are highly regarded for their expertise in IT controls, risk assessments, business process improvement, data analytics, and systems selection & implementation. These additions present our clients with extraordinary additional capabilities to fully leverage IT’s impact on the overall performance of your organizations. Jennifer LeVine, CPA Jennifer... continue reading