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Invite to Business Fundamentals Bootcamp

Invite to Business Fundamentals Bootcamp

As a friend of AAF, we are excited to inform you that we are able to offer limited discounted tickets to attend the Business Fundamentals Bootcamp V full day workshop on June 22nd! The event runs from 11:15am – 6:00pm at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and we strongly encourage you to participate in the full day event that will cover a variety of topics including, Finance and Administration, Management &... continue reading

Beyond the Numbers

“Why choose a college known for its liberal arts education when you want to study accounting? For Dave McManus ’87, it was Assumption’s liberal arts that made it the right choice. “The well rounded liberal arts background provides the tools needed to relate to people,” he said. ‘We are business advisors and find that communication and the ability to relate to people is important in our profession. Assumption provides that educational experience.'” Click to read entire story: Beyond... continue reading

AAF welcomes State Auditor Suzanne Bump to AAF’s Nonprofit ELITE Seminar

Suzanne Bump was elected State Auditor in 2010. She ran with a determination to use the Office to make state government work better. With more than 30 years of leadership experience in both the public and private sector, she believes that better government means government that is more effective, more efficient, more accountable and more transparent. One hundred days after she was sworn in on January 19, 2011, Auditor Bump... continue reading

Late Filing Notices from the IRS

As most of you are aware, the IRS shutdown its website for filing Form 990 electronically from January 1, 2012 through March 1, 2012. If your 990 was due to be electronically filed during this period, they asked that you not file your return until March 1, 2012 when the website was back up and running. As a result, the IRS granted an automatic extension for filing Form 990 until... continue reading

Toyota’s giving 100 Cars to 100 Nonprofits!!!

A well-known AAF client, Copeland Toyota, has notified us that Toyota is giving away 100 cars to 100 nonprofits. We wanted to share this exciting news with the nonprofit community. Thanks Copeland Toyota for “stepping up” and good luck to everyone who enters! “Do you know a nonprofit that could make great things happen with a new car? At 12:00pm yesterday, applications were open for Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good,... continue reading

Registration opens for AAF’s NP ELITE Seminar

AAF’s Educational Seminars bring together the best and the brightest professionals to discuss the latest opportunities and strategies.   We make it a priority to continue to offer value-added services and look forward to seeing you at one of our programs! Thank you to all of the nonprofit leaders that attended AAF’s 6th Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar on May 2nd at the Natick Crowne Plaza. AAF Speakers covered several topics important... continue reading

Payroll tax cut extended through 2012

Congress passed an extension of the 2% payroll tax cut that had been scheduled to expire at the end of February. The extension means 160 million working Americans will continue to pay social security tax on their wages at a 4.2% rate for the rest of 2012, rather than at a 6.2% rate. Because Republicans and Democrats were unable to agree on how to pay for the extended tax cut,... continue reading

Protect your nonprofit by cross-training staff 

If a fire ravaged your nonprofit’s building, your disaster plan would likely ensure that your valuable data would be saved and operations could continue. But what would happen if one of your key accounting people were seriously injured in a car accident tomorrow? Would your nonprofit be able to conduct business as usual until that person returned to work or was replaced? Or would financial transactions virtually come to a standstill because no one else knows... continue reading