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Charter Schools Webinar: Understand COVID Funding Compliance

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Charter Schools have gained access to various forms of government funding. Schools who expended certain government funding in excess of $750,000 in fiscal year 2021 are subject to an audit in accordance with Uniform Guidance. For some charter schools, this may be your first exposure to this rigorous Federal audit.

In this interactive webinar, AAFCPAs’ Charter School Practice leaders John Buckley, CPA, CGMA and Nichole Reilly, CPA, MBA provide clients with guidance on the compliance requirements associated with this funding, and insight into how to prepare for a UG audit.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Understand compliance requirements associated with available Federal funding
  • Understand how these compliance requirements may affect your current policies & procedures
  • Understand how to put your School in the best position possible for a UG audit

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About the Authors

John Buckley CPA
John is the leader of AAFCPAs’ Educational Services practice, serving diverse academic and education services clients spanning independent schools, colleges/universities, special education schools, education services, charter schools and charter management organizations (CMOs). He fully understand the nuances of the educational services industry and  business and operational challenges faced by these institutions, including funding and regulatory issues such as: capital campaign structures, complex endowments, alternative investments, debt financing and tax credit options, and unique governance concerns and internal control risks. He advises education clients on best practice internal controls related to procurement, payment, payroll/benefits, budgeting, and information technology policies.
Nichole Reilly, CPA, MBA
Nichole is responsible for planning and executing financial statement audits for sophisticated nonprofit organizations.  She has extensive experience serving community health centers, charter schools, community development corporations and their affordable housing development projects with HUD and MHFA requirements. She has been serving AAFCPAs’ clients since 2010. Nichole delivers a full range of solutions solving the challenges that AAF’s clients face, including: audits in accordance with the Uniform Guidance/Single Audit and Government Auditing Standards, as well as the Massachusetts Uniform Financial Report (UFR). She has extensive experience providing assurance solutions, and leading high-energy teams to consistently deliver a positive, non-intrusive client experience.