AAFCPAs’ David Consigli to Present on Financial Valuation of Business Assets in Divorce

David Consigli, Jr., CPA, ABV, CPVA, CDFA, AAFCPAs’ Director of Business Valuations, will lead a complimentary educational webinar on Thursday, January 21st, titled “Legal Strategy and Financial Valuation of Business Assets.”

Dave, and a panel of vetted professionals, will share strategies when dealing with the financial valuation of business assets, family businesses, marital assets, and income in divorce.

Attendees will hear strategic ways to handle complex situations, including:

  • The general law of the equitable division of assets in divorce
  • The importance of valuation in divorce
  • How valuation is conducted
  • How an expert handles valuations in a contested divorce context
  • Financial information on asset classes in the pandemic and uncertain economy
  • How financial advisors can help to guide outcomes in divorce
  • And more!


Thursday, January 21st
6:00 – 7:30 PM EST

Dave is passionate about creating client-centered processes for resolving conflict. 100% of divorces involve financial settlements, and in an effort to resolve their differences outside of court, a growing number of divorcing couples turn to Family Mediators and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) professionals like Dave to help them preserve their family’s finances.