MA OSD Provides Automatic Extension of UFR Deadline to 1/15/2021

AAFCPAs would like to make clients aware that with the Massachusetts Uniform Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Report (UFR) filing deadline of 11/15/2020 being extended to 1/15/2021, UFR filers are not required to file a request for extension.

FY2020 Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) Form Filings

While the deadline for the full UFR filing has been extended, the Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) Forms for FY2020 should be filed by November 15, the original due date. Important: To file just the SDP Plan Form, providers should use the “Filing for Extension” filing type and name the file “SDP Plan Form” to upload the SDP Plan Forms to their FY2020 filings. Do not use any other filing type when filing the SDP Plan Form alone. Providers not requiring the extension may file their full UFR (and SDP Plan Form) using the standard process.

The SDP Form may be filed via the UFR e-filing application at the following link:

AAFCPAs reminds clients that it is important to select AAFCPAs as your auditor on the Operational Services Division’s (OSD) website before filing a SDP Form.  If you do not know how to select AAFCPAs as your auditor for UFR filing purposes, please reach out to your AAFCPAs audit team for instructions.

AAFCPAs has over twenty-five years invested in auditing, preparing, and advising clients on the impact of changing UFR regulations, interpreting program results, and the importance of cost allocation methodologies on outcomes. We take time to uncover opportunities to maximize reimbursements.

If you have questions, please contact Jeffrey Cicolini, CPA, CGMA at 774.512.4026,