AAFCPAs Welcomes New Tax Director to Support Growing Complexities of Multi-State Taxation

Kelly Zack, MSTBoston, MA (August 31, 2020) – AAFCPAs, a 240+ member CPA and consulting firm known for tax, assurance, accounting, wealth management, business process, and IT advisory solutions, today announced the addition of Kelly Zack, MST, Director, State & Local Tax.

Kelly has almost 20 years of state tax consulting experience within both public accounting and large corporate tax departments for multi-state corporations. She advises AAFCPAs clients on managing and planning for the continuously evolving complexities of multi-state taxation, including mitigating risks for non-compliance. Prior to joining AAFCPAs, Kelly held high-level positions within Boston Scientific Corporation and Dell/EMC.

As state and local needs for new revenue sources have grown nationwide, government entities have become increasingly aggressive in pursuing new taxation opportunities wherever possible. There are over 80,000 state and local tax jurisdictions nationwide, each with its own set of evolving rules and regulations. Changes in this area may be subtle and could easily go unnoticed.

Organizations and their owners conducting business in multiple states may be overwhelmed by the constantly evolving complexities associated with tax compliance. It may be daunting to understand what to withhold, or not withhold; where to file or not file; or where to expand or not expand.

“Kelly is an exceptional tax professional experienced with tax regulations in every state, and we are excited about the depth she adds to our team,” said Julie Chevalier, CPA, Tax Partner at AAFCPAs. “The firm continues to invest in exceptional talent like Kelly Zack to ensure clients have the resources they need to navigate each state’s rules and the nuances that exist among them.”

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