AAFCPAs’ Davide Villani to Serve on Board of Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester

AAFCPAs Partner Davide Villani, CPA, CGMA has been appointed and agrees to serve on the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester Finance Committee, Audit Committee, and Retirement Plan Committee.

Davide will serve as a fiduciary of the Diocese, providing strategic direction and financial advice to help the organization achieve its vision for the future.

“I am a devout catholic and received an exceptional education through the Diocese Catholic school system at St. Johns in Shrewsbury and Assumption College in Worcester,” said Davide. “It is my honor to have this service opportunity and donate my time and expertise to support the long-term sustainability of an organization that has given so much to me and my family.”

Davide joined AAFCPAs shortly after graduating from Assumption College. He leads AAFCPAs’ Employee Benefit Plan Audit & Consulting Practice and has extensive expertise in Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) standards. He is deeply committed and immersed in producing quality and meaningful ERISA audits, and is highly sought-after for his guidance on meeting fiduciary responsibilities and mitigating risks that plan sponsors face. Learn more about Davide Villani. >>