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Educational Podcast: Anticipating the Fraudster

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Unfortunately, today we all need to think like a fraudster. As auditors, we are charged with identifying weaknesses in internal controls that pose risks for fraud, including theft or misstatement of financial results. As a result, we make recommendations to management to enhance controls to mitigate the opportunity for fraud. However, as AAFCPAs Partner John Buckley illustrates, combating fraud schemes requires more than just an understanding of process & system vulnerabilities.  To effectively battle against fraud, management and the board must learn how to think like a fraudster. And a fraudster is thinking: “Where are the weaknesses that would enable me to succeed undetected?”
These audio sessions were recorded live at AAFCPAs’ April 25th, 2019 Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar. Slides may be downloaded by clicking here. >>

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About the Author

John Buckley CPA
John has been successfully serving AAF clients for over 20 years. He has extensive experience with the audits of diverse associations, educational institutions, and other community-based agencies. John specializes in working with nonprofit organizations that are subject to federal, state, and other regulatory requirements. John is AAF’s Educational Services Division Leader, which includes services to independent schools, charter schools and Charter Management Organizations (CMOs), colleges, education services organizations, Chapter 766 schools, and other educational institutions. He has extensive experience with these types of organizations, including working with capital campaigns, financing agreements, and charter school replication.