An Emerging Leader’s Perspective: ONE piece of advice I would have wanted when I started my career…

Tracy LeMaire, 2018 Women to Watch AwardsI was recently honored at the MSCPA’s 2018 Women’s Leadership Summit as an Emerging Leader/2018 Women to Watch Awards—which was a great honor, especially since many colleagues from AAFCPAs along with my Mom, Dad, and husband Mat were there to celebrate this success!
This recognition lead to a significant realization for me: I may be a role model or mentor to someone. The transition from mentee to mentor was subtle and surreal. My husband said to me: “Don’t you realize the younger staff are watching you?” It occurred to me that people could be looking up to me even though I may not realize it, and so I now have new responsibilities.
I began my career at AAFCPAs in 2010 as a staff accountant with a plan to soak in as much as possible, and to seek out a variety of work experiences immediately. I did rotations in tax, nonprofit, government, and employee benefit plan audits, and eventually commercial audits. For me, commercial audits were the intersection of my passion and function. I am especially passionate about advising closely-held companies, including early growth-stage companies where I feel like I provide real value as a business advisor. I get to know the owners who are focused on growing their companies. Additionally, there is no one-size-fits-all for commercial businesses; each client and industry are unique! I love learning about their nuances, and what inspires these entrepreneurial leaders.
I would not have confirmed my passion as early on without seeking out exposure to all that the firm had to offer.
In preparation for the panel discussion at the Women’s Leadership Summit, I was asked to think about: ONE piece of advice I would have wanted to know when I started my career that would have helped me along the way.
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About the Author

Tracy LeMaire
Tracy is responsible for planning and executing financial statement attestations for privately-held commercial companies, including: manufacturing & distribution, physicians & private healthcare practices, transportation, retail, and professional services.  She specializes in compilations, reviews, and financial statement audits in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, and standards for accounting and review services. She is a member of AAFCPAs’ Employee Benefit Plan Audit practice specializing in ERISA audits, including: 401(k) and 403(b) defined benefit plans. Tracy also has extensive experience with the preparation and filing of partnership and corporate income tax returns. Tracy is a leader in AAFCPAs’ Compilation and Review practice, responsible for monitoring standards changes, and providing interpretive guidance and implementation strategies for all preparation, compilation and review engagements. Tracy’s proven advice ensures that businesses are complying with the latest accounting standards, in addition to gaining strategic insight from the financial information.