MA DOR Announces Tax Amnesty 2016

AAFCPAs would like to make you aware that the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) has recently announced a 2016 Tax Amnesty Program, open to all individuals and businesses who have not filed all Massachusetts tax returns, or have underreported taxes on previously filed returns.
The tax amnesty program is a limited-time opportunity, and allows taxpayers to save on certain penalties, including criminal prosecution. AAFCPAs reminds readers that amnesty programs do not happen every year, and delinquent taxpayers may be subject to greater consequences after MA Tax Amnesty 2016.
The electronic amnesty return will be available from April 1 – May 31, 2016. You may learn more by visiting:
AAFCPAs is available to consult on taxpayer eligibility based on the scope of the program, your tax type, and the periods covered. We are also available for tax planning and compliance solutions, including: completion of your amnesty returns and schedules, and calculation of your total amnesty balance due.
If you have any questions about MA Tax Amnesty 2016, or year-end or multi-year tax planning, please contact your AAFCPA partner.

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