AAFCPAs Welcomes New Assistant Director, Career Development & Engagement

Mary-Katharine Hardy Joins AAFCPAs’ Talent Management Department

AAFCPAs names Mary-Katharine (Mary-Kate) Hardy as its new Assistant Director, Career Development & Engagement. In this role, she provides advisory support and professional coaching designed to help team members proactively manage their careers. She also is a leader in the company’s Professional Advancement & Development (PAD) program, which is the firm’s one-year incubator program for new professionals. Through the newly developed Talent Advisor Program created by the Career Development & Engagement Team, Mary-Kate provides one-on-one career support for new professionals who come to AAFCPAs with zero to three years of experience.

“With the right tools, skills, insight, and guidance, we feel empowered and have more agency in our careers,” she explained. “I hope to be a valued resource in helping team members feel engaged, happy, and growing in their careers. I also hope to help individuals feel empowered to have candid conversations and to advocate for their career development needs.”

Mary-Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies from Loyola University and is pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Harvard Extension School. She is a TypeCoach and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) certified professional and has worked in career development since 2013.

“Mary-Kate brings a wealth of experience and insight to AAFCPAs, having helped professionals at all stages of their careers use their innate talents to their best advantage,” explained Ingrid Goldbloom-Bloch, Director of Career Development & Engagement. “The support, training, and expertise she offers is an invaluable perk for all team members, an essential aspect of our core values, and a unique advantage to working at AAFCPAs.”

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About the Author

Mary-Kate is an experienced career development professional with expertise helping professionals navigate their careers and obtain meaningful intentional experiences that align with their passions. Mary-Kate describes her role as a career advisor and guide, coaching professionals on career decision making and advocating for themselves. There are endless directions for accountants to go, including tax, audit, corporate accounting, business process improvement, data analytics, IT security, and more—and the disciplines in the profession continue to grow. She helps AAFCPAs’ team members explore all the profession has to offer so they may remain happy, productive, and engaged.