Celebrate AAFCPAs/Nichols College MBA Participants

As part of AAFCPAs’ development-focused culture, we’ve partnered with Nichols College to offer a tailored Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate program to all employees. Please join us in celebrating our participants and in recognizing their dedication and commitment to continuous learning, one of AAFCPAs’ core values.

  • Cohort One participants: Brittany Adriko, Alexandra Belshaw, Kyle Bourke, John Casassa, Paul Raheb, and Tyler Schmidt.
  • Cohort Two participants: Daniel McManus, Kathleen Devine, John-Henry Hendley, and Kimoy Phillpotts.
  • Cohort Three participants: Adam Dullea, Anastasiya Lasme, Sean Laughlin, Jennifer L’Heureux, Ekaterina Maksimova, Kasey Moran, Rebecca Nalesnik, Daylene Pena Perez, and Steven Wickstrom.

These professionals are acquiring the skills and knowledge they’ll need to benefit not only their career but also AAFCPAs’ clients as we continue in our tradition of service excellence. The program in partnership with AAFCPAs begins in the fall of each year. Each cohort represents a group of participants who began their journey at the same time.

This accelerated executive program provides the opportunity to pursue a Master of Business Administration within a flexible and convenient online schedule that’s tailored to each individual’s lifestyle. To this end, we work with Nichols College to accommodate students who might be juggling a busy tax season with hectic exam and project timelines.

“We are incredibly proud and grateful for their dedication and commitment to leveling up,” added Carla McCall, CPA, CGMA, Managing Partner at AAFCPAs. “We’re also fortunate to have professionals like this on our team. We look forward to providing the support they need and the collective resources of our partnership through each stage of their journey.”

Come Join The AAFCPAs Team:

AAFCPAs takes great pride in our exceptional team, and we are honored to celebrate the talent, dedication, and potential of these individuals. They have both great minds and great hearts.

We have a culture of gratitude and value the unique strengths and contributions from each team member. Learn more.>>