Carla McCall, Most Powerful Women in Accounting 2022

Boston, MA (June 9, 2022) – AAFCPAs today announced that Carla McCall, CPA, CGMA, Managing Partner, was named one of 2022’s Most Powerful Women in the Accounting Profession for the second time by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and CPA Practice Advisor magazine.

The annual award recognizes 25 women leaders who are a driving force for innovation and excellence. In addition, key characteristics of this year’s winners include:

  • Demonstrably contributing to the success of their own organization and the accounting profession as a whole
  • Providing guidance and leadership to contribute to the growth of the profession
  • Effectively representing the accounting profession through civic and community outreach

Q: How do you feel the profession has evolved in its support of women?

A: “At AAFCPAs, we have made strides in promoting women’s accomplishments and encouraging other companies to make women’s leadership a strategic priority,” said McCall. “But, as a profession, we have work to do in calling out unconscious bias and creating alternative paths to partner to increase women in ownership positions. I know the profession is putting in the work to get us there.”

Q: Please provide a quick message of inspiration for other women in the profession.

A: “This is an amazing profession with so much choice in the ability to be entrepreneurial. When you find the right people that appreciate your skills, and support you, it feels magical,” said Carla. “I know we are making progress, and we will continue to rise as long as we support each other on this journey.”

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About the Author

Carla McCall
Carla McCall, CPA, CGMA is Managing Partner of AAFCPAs, a preeminent, 300-person CPA and consulting firm based in New England. Carla was named one of the Most Powerful Women in the Accounting Profession in 2021 and 2022 by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) and CPA Practice Advisor Magazine. Her dynamic executive leadership, bold practicality, and enthusiasm to embrace change is setting the standard for mission driven, growth organizations.