AAFCPAs Celebrates 2019 National Health Center Week

Next week, August 4-10, 2019, is National Health Center Week, and AAFCPAs invites you to join us again this year in celebrating the great work and significant impact of these consumer-driven and patient-centered organizations!
National Health Center Week gives our Health Center clients a chance to bring light to the health needs in our communities and the shared stake in community health. It allows them to show not only what they do but how their unique model of care is offering solutions to the nation’s health care crisis.
Health Center Week has become a powerful tool to rally public support for Health Center programs. Public support and confidence in Health Center programs translates into legislative victories, positive administrative policies and growing partnership with the public and private sectors so that Health Centers can serve greater needs and lead this nation to a more equitable health delivery system for all people.
Each day of NHCW 2019 is dedicated to a particular focus area:

AAFCPAs proudly serves Community Health Centers throughout New England, helping these organizations to navigate the complexities of the constantly evolving healthcare industry. Our Healthcare Practice has been serving FQHCs for over 45 years.
Our witness to their passion serves as daily inspiration!
You may learn more about National Health Center Week by visiting: https://healthcenterweek.org