Highlights from FEI-Boston’s March 2019 Executive Event

FEI-Boston’s March 2019 Executive Event was an extraordinary success this morning at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston!
FEI Boston March Executive Event 03.14.2019 Collage
“I was delighted to be selected to moderate this distinguished panel of senior investment strategists, which featured thought provoking discussion and an engaged audience full of questions,” said Andrew Hammond, Partner, AAFCPAs Wealth Management.

What Did We Learn In 10 Years & Where Do We Go From Here?

Central bank coordinated efforts led to exploding global debt levels. Economic insecurity has led to the rise of global populism. And, there has been a change in investor behavior, from active to passive investing.
However, for many, the Great Recession is a distant memory. The global workforce was devasted following 2008-2009, but the US just last week hit a historic low 3.8% unemployment rate. There is a whole new generation of young investors who have never experienced a bear market.
The consensus this morning among the panel was that the Great Recession of 2008-2009 was a black swan event, unexpected in its magnitude and consequence. Market corrections and volatility are expected, and these are not an indication that we need to brace for another Great Recession.
As Wealth Advisors, we expect the bad with the good. AAFCPAs Wealth Management builds an all-weather portfolio that is customized around each client’s short and long term goals. We closely monitor the market and economy and stand ready to adjust portfolios as changes are warranted.
If you have any questions about your personal financial plan, please contact: Andrew E. Hammond, CFP® at 774.512.4143, ahammond@nullwealth.aafcpa.com, or your AAFCPAs Wealth Advisor.

About the Author

Andrew is a Wealth Advisor at AAF Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Firm whose mission is to provide valuable peace of mind to those who share the awesome responsibility to manage wealth. He provides comprehensive and carefully designed financial plans for individuals & families, nonprofits & foundations, and retirement plan sponsors. Andrew joined our team of advisors after 17 years in financial services at Fidelity Investments. He joined AAFCPAs because of the firm’s deep tax expertise, individualized approach, and commitment to honesty, ethics, and developing meaningful relationships with each client.