AAFCPAs Julie Chevalier and Rich Weiner to Present at the MSCPA State Tax Conference on Multistate Tax Nexus & Apportionment

AAFCPAs Tax Partners Julie Chevalier and Richard Weiner will present an educational workshop at the Massachusetts Society of CPA’s (MSCPA) State Tax Conference scheduled for January 17th, 2017. This technical session is part of the MSCPA’s annual State Tax Conference.
Multistate Tax Nexus and Apportionment is more complex and demanding than ever before, and state and local policymakers are increasing enforcement. AAFCPAs provides proactive tax planning strategies to commercial clients involved in multistate operations, and Julie and Rich will help MSCPA member firms navigate this multifaceted and ever-changing tax issue. In this session, Julie and Rich will provide guidance on economic nexus, market-based sourcing, and agency nexus. They will include an overview of the tax implications of commerce through Amazon.com, Overstock.com, and other Big Box retailers. They will provide specifics on the continued expansion of economic nexus, state trends in apportionment, and critical developments in state methodologies.
Julie and Rich are highly-sought after for their knowledge on issues related to multistate taxation, including: physical presence versus economic nexus; state apportionment; FIN 48 financial reporting; and the tax implications of multistate mergers, acquisitions, expansions and relocations.
If you have questions about tax planning & compliance, please contact your AAFCPAs partner; Julie Chevalier at 774.512.4037, jchevalier@nullaafcpa.com; or Richard Weiner at 774.512.4078, rweiner@nullaafcpa.com.
AAFCPAs Julie Chevalier Rich Weiner

About the Authors

Julie Chevalier, CPA
Julie is a hands-on leader of AAFCPAs’ tax team. She is responsible for ensuring that clients minimize tax obligations with cutting-edge solutions based upon proven effective and reliable tax expertise.  Her skills are concentrated on state and local taxation (SALT), including: income, franchise, property, payroll and sales and use taxes. She delivers compliance, tax consulting and tax planning solutions for individuals and privately-held businesses in a variety of industries, including: retail, professional services, technology, software, publishing, manufacturing and nonprofit entities. She is highly-sought after for her knowledge on issues related to: physical presence versus economic nexus; state apportionment; tax exposure in relation to FIN 48 financial reporting; and the tax implications of multi-state transactions, such as: mergers, acquisitions, expansions and relocations.
Rich has over 30 years of broad tax experience with a specialty in tax planning and consulting for private and publicly-held businesses. Rich has specific expertise in the Software, Bio-Technology, Medical Device, Life Science, Manufacturing, Retail, Professional Service and Publishing industries, as well as U.S. aspects of international taxation. He works extensively with European companies expanding into the U.S. market. Additional areas of focus include companies and stockholders in transition, including structuring of and planning for Mergers & Acquisitions, planning for changes in ownership and management, and adoption of tax methodologies with a view toward the long term. He is well known in his field and is a frequent speaker on a variety of tax related topics.

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