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Cannabis Business Owners: Are you ready for an exit?

Cannabis Business Owners: Are you ready for an exit?

Cannabis Business Executive (Nov 2021) – Consolidation is a defining aspect of the cannabis industry in its current stage. Mergers and acquisitions are mounting at a breakneck pace. Those who want to capitalize on the sector’s appetite for acquisitions need to evaluate three key considerations if they are poised for an exit:

AAFCPAs Provides 280E Guidance at AICPA & CIMA Cannabis Conference

AAFCPAs’ Cannabis Practice Leaders David McManus, CPA, CGMA and Joshua England, LLM, Esq. will present Navigating the Challenges and Hurdles of 280E to cannabis industry experts, CPAs, Attorneys, Tax advisors, and peers experienced and inexperienced with the sector at the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) & Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Cannabis Industry Conference […]

Cannabis M&A: are you ready for an exit?

The cannabis market is young, fragmented, and growing fast. While the U.S. continues to hedge on federal guidelines and states slowly adopt standards for legalization, the mergers & acquisitions marketplace is incredibly active. Owners and investors with an eye on an exit should ensure they have the right infrastructure in place to present themselves as […]

Marijuana Retail Tax Compliance

In today’s constantly evolving cannabis industry, cannabusinesses face numerous challenges that can impact their short- and long-term success. These include various state licensing regulations, the high-stakes tax burden created by IRC Section 280E, and the constant need to maintain a competitive edge. One of the most onerous challenges for operators is the need to stay […]

Form 8300 Jan 31 Compliance Reminder, Steps to Take when Missing a TIN

AAFCPAs would like to remind cannabis business clients of their potential January 31, 2021 Form 8300 reporting obligation. If you filed a Form 8300 in 2020, you must furnish a written statement to each person whose name was required to be included in the Form 8300 by January 31 (i.e. the year following the transaction). […]

Biggest Accounting Mistakes Start-Up Cannabis Entrepreneurs Make

The Green Rush is upon us, but the path to a successful cannabis business is not a smooth and easy one to navigate. AAFCPAs has been deeply immersed in serving cannabis businesses since 2012 with Advisory, Tax, Accounting & Assurance Solutions. We were the first full-service CPA and Consulting firm to represent Massachusetts cannabis companies, […]

Tax Relief and Incentives for Affected Cannabis Businesses

The quickly spreading coronavirus, and the subsequent response from states to close all “non-essential” businesses, is causing much confusion for the Cannabis industry. The decision about whether cannabis operators can keep doing business has occurred state by state, and in some cases, city by city. The majority of US states that have closed non-essential businesses […]

Employment Tax Liability Not Shifted to Professional Employer Organizations

AAFCPAs would like to remind cannabis clients using or considering use of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that the employment tax liability is most often not shifted from your company, its management and owners, to the PEO. This is a common misconception, so much so, that the Internal Revenue Service issued regulations to help address […]

Tax Savings for Cannabis Businesses with Cost Segregation Study

Tax Savings for Cannabis Businesses with Cost Segregation Study

AAFCPAs would like to remind cannabis clients that placed in service in 2019 (or will soon be placing in service) capital expenditures (CAPEX), often in excess $10 million, to have a cost segregation study performed to provide tax savings and additional benefits, including reduced property taxes, improved property management, and improved ability to identify investments […]