IT Execs Must Balance Security with Productivity

COVID-19 has challenged businesses to think about operations in a new way, and in many cases, your IT specialists may be supporting employees for the first time ever that were never intended or conceived to be remote or fully remote. This shift in the way we work has created competing interests for IT departments, who must balance efficiency and effectiveness with internal control and security.

With an increased risk of employees falling prey to cyber-attacks, AAFCPAs advises clients to create new policies and leverage technologies to keep their company’s data and employees safe while working in their remote and often home environments.

Our IT Security Specialists have provided the following key considerations and best practice recommendations to ensure clients can support a remote workforce while maintaining secure network access.

Cyber Security Questions to Consider

  • Do you have a set of standard, practicable measures to ensure IT security of a remote workforce?
  • Do you provide devices to your employees or do you allow a bring your own device (BYOD) security scheme?
  • Have you informed and educated your workforce about the additional dangers during this time?

Read more about Countermeasures/Risk Mitigation Techniques to Implement.>>

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Be Cyber Smart: decrease risks and protect yourself online