Does Your Workspace Give You Energy?

Does your workspace contribute towards your energy level?
At AAFCPAs we believe strongly that it does! Our Boston office is a great place to think and work. Additionally, AAFCPAs moved into new headquarters six months ago, and we are in amazement of all the positive effects and measurable impact it has on the energy of our growing organization! Space reenergizes people and inspires excellence, which trickles down to our clients who notice and appreciate the impact our high-energy teams have on their organization!
Please watch this video below that attempts to capture AAFCPAs’ new space and hear firsthand the positive impact it is having on the energy of our 180+ person organization! Perhaps it may serve as inspiration?

If you’d like to discuss or learn more about our insight on the value of workspace, please contact your AAFCPAs Partner or Matthew Boyle at 774.512.4125,

We encourage you to visit our space in person!