AAFCPAs Warns of Several Recent Phone Scams

Some members of our network may be more trusting than others, therefore, we want to take a moment to alert all of you to recent scams that are unfortunately causing frustration to some.  Please be aware of the following:
National Grid Reminds New England Customers of Payment Scam
National Grid electric customers have received telephone calls from individuals claiming to work for National Grid. These scammers demand payment, through a pre-paid card, on past due balances for electric accounts and threaten customers that their service will immediately be shut-off for non-payment.
Scammers Falsely Purporting to be Calling from the Treasury Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigations; the Treasury Office of Legal Affairs or Emailing from the Office of the Secretary of The Treasury
Scammers call an individual asserting that this person has been awarded a grant or a similar sum of money and request personal information or a payment to “release” the funds.   The Treasury does not have such a program.  Read more at treasury.gov >>
Stay Vigilant Against Bogus IRS Phone Calls and Emails
Tax scams take many different forms. Recently, the most common scams include phone calls and emails from thieves who pretend to be from the IRS. Using the IRS’ name, logo, or a fake website, these criminals try to steal your money, and may even try to take your identity.
AAFCPAs reminds you to proceed cautiously when receiving any email or communications soliciting funds or personal information.  If you believe you have fallen victim to a phishing scam, notify your bank and the bank that received the funds immediately and contact your local police.  In addition, educate employees about these scams, remind them of the standard protocols when disbursing funds, and notify your IT staff as soon as you receive a suspicious email.  Be careful out there folks!

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