IRS Shuts Down 990 Electronic Filing System

The IRS has shut down its 990 electronic filing system for upgrades. As a result, if you have a 990 that is due between now and March 1, 2012, your return will not be able to be filed until March 1 when the IRS is scheduled to bring its system back online. Because of this shutdown, the IRS has granted an automatic extension until March 30, 2012, for those returns due during the shutdown timeframe.
AAF will continue to work with you to prepare your returns so that you may continue your approval process and have the returns ready to file once the system comes back online. Additional extensions of time to file your returns can still be requested during this timeframe. However, they must be done before their scheduled due date (January 15th or February 15th.) So if there is any possible chance that you may not have your return ready to be filed by March 30, 2012, we will process an extension just to assure the additional time is available. If you automatically want us to process an extension, please call your audit team member and let them know.
If your final extension expires in these two months, the IRS will automatically extend the due date until March 30, 2012. If you wish to paper file, the IRS will allow you to do so but encourages you to wait until March 1, 2012, when the system will be online to eFile. Per the IRS, paper filing during this time will most likely result in you receiving a notice asking why you did not electronically file, even though they know their system was down. That is why they are encouraging waiting to file until the eFiling system comes back online.

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