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Interesting facts
At AAF, team work is emphasized and it really shows in the people you meet. It’s hard to find a company’s members that work so well together throughout the year. It’s a place where everyone acknowledges each other and supports one another throughout the year. Many clients even say it’s the people that truly distinguishes AAF from other firms.
What the employees say:
What makes you feel appreciated at this organization?
Managers and partners respect what I do and value any input I give regarding the work I do. I love my job because… I work with great people and have a diverse and interesting client base.
I love my job because…I have the flexibility I want regarding the hours I work and I enjoy the people I work with. We are all a team working for the good of the company.
I love my job because…I love working for AAF. They understand when family needs you, and they are very fair. I’ve been at my job for over 11 years and I honestly still love coming to work every day…..
I love my job because… I am always challenged, constantly learning, and the opportunities for advancement are endless. There is an emphasis on team work, work balance and constant learning.
I love my job because… At AAF they continue to provide you the tools necessary to progress at your own pace and succeed. They encourage working outside your comfort zone and constantly challenge your intellectual curiosity.

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