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2018 Year-End Tax Planning for Privately-Held Companies (Part 1)

2018 Year-End Tax Planning for Privately-Held Companies (Part 1) Webinar OnDemand

In 2018, tax planning is more complicated than usual. Most provisions of the massive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) go into effect this year, and as a result you likely will need to change at least some of your tax planning strategies.

In this Webinar, recorded live on October 17th, 2018, AAFCPAs Richard Weiner, CPA, MST, Dave McManus, CPA, CGMA, Dan Cahill, CPA, and Bella Amigud, CPA, MST provide business owners, executives, and their business advisors with an essential overview of 2018 and 2019’s top year-end tax planning tips, as well as recommendations for on-going, year-round planning.

This OnDemand webinar covers:

  • How the decrease in tax rate impacts choice of entity
  • The impact of new regulations, including:
    • Meals & entertainment
    • Limited interest deduction
    • Depreciation changes
    • Uniform Capitalization (UNICAP)
    • Accounting method change procedures, and Form 3115, Application for Change in Accounting Method
    • Taxability of qualified fringe benefits
    • Changes in cash basis limits
    • And more…
  • Repatriation tax on foreign earnings, or Sec. 965
  • Q&A

Download the slide deck here.

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Although you can’t avoid taxes, you can take steps to minimize them. AAFCPAs’ 2018 3-Part Tax Planning Webinar Series provides an overview of some of the most significant TCJA changes and their potential impact on tax planning. The combined impact of these changes will ultimately determine whether you see reduced taxes. It will also dictate which tax strategies will make sense for you this year, such as the best way to time income and expenses.

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