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2018 Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals & Families

2018 Year-End Tax Planning for Individuals & Families Webinar OnDemand

In 2018, tax planning is more complicated than usual. Most provisions of the massive Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) go into effect this year, and as a result you likely will need to change at least some of your tax planning strategies.

In this Webinar, recorded live on October 25th, 2018, AAFCPAs Richard Weiner, CPA, MST, Joshua England, JD, LLM, Stacie Field, CPA, MBA, and Daniel Seaman, CPA provide individuals and families with an overview of the most consequential changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), and other key tax provisions of which to be aware.

This OnDemand webinar covers:

  • The impact of new regulations, including:
    • The new withholding tables
    • The Child Tax Credit
    • Standard and itemized deductions
    • State tax exemptions, and caps
    • Watching out for AMT triggers
    • The cap on state taxes
    • The Sec. 199A deduction for qualified business income, also known as the “flow through deduction”
  • The impact on Personal Financial Planning, including:
    • Estate planning
    • Charitable planning
  • Q&A

Download the slide deck here.

Watch Webinar

Although you can’t avoid taxes, you can take steps to minimize them. AAFCPAs’ 2018 3-Part Tax Planning Webinar Series provides an overview of some of the most significant TCJA changes and their potential impact on tax planning. The combined impact of these changes will ultimately determine whether you see reduced taxes. It will also dictate which tax strategies will make sense for you this year, such as the best way to time income and expenses.

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