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Our People

R. Ben Davis

Business Process Improvement Specialist

Ben is a member of AAFCPAs’ integrated Business Process & IT Consulting Practice, responsible for providing business intelligence, data visualization, and productivity solutions.

Ben joined AAFCPAs in 2016 in the firm’s Assurance division. He has extensive knowledge of assurance-based and operational accounting, which provided wide-ranging exposure and a solid foundation in best practices for business process improvement, with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and internal control. He works with AAFCPAs clients to streamline and automate processes, and as appropriate, introduces automation solutions such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology and procedures to eliminate time-consuming, highly manual processes.

Ben has specialized expertise in data analysis and transformation, including extraction, inspection, cleansing, and visualization to help clients transform data into actionable insights. He helps to better organize client data and makes it easier for humans and computers to consume. He takes time to understand how clients want their data to interact across the company. He looks at the main needs of their business and identifies how each piece of the data puzzle works within each specific business function. He advises clients on data visualization software solutions, which helps clients uncover new insights and opportunities, and creates a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Ben is an active member of AAFCPAs’ Innovation Committee, and a participant in the firm’s inaugural Innovation Lab Changemaker Challenge. He is committed to questioning the status quo and harnessing the power of technology innovation to increase efficiency, scalability, and security. He is an in-house trainer on diverse topics, including opportunities to gain efficiencies through technology. He is an active alumnus of Nichols College, and volunteers his time in the College’s Mentor Program providing real-world coaching to undergrads just starting their professional journey.


  • Nichols College – Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Accounting and Economics, summa cum laude



  • The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts, Youth Summer Program – Volunteer
  • Nichols College, Mentoring Program – Mentor